Our project

Energy transition from Magallanes

We strive to make the transition to fully sustainable energies that contribute to global decarbonization a reality.

Committed to the territory

A project harmoniously integrated with the territory and inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego.


Our project will follow the highest environmental standards.

Collaboration and dialogue with its surroundings

We will collaborate with the inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego to become a true contribution to their community.


We care about the territory and its actors; therefore, we are particularly committed to contribute to the development of Tierra del Fuego.

We look forward to establishing relationships through initiatives and projects with communities and groups in the area, in order to support and promote productive, environmental, social, cultural, and local knowledge activities, aiming to have a positive, continuous, and long-term impact on the territory.

All these activities are driven by the guiding principles of inclusion, relevance, transparency and sustainable local development.

Gente Grande Project

The “Gente Grande” Project seeks to be a regional project with a global vocation that contributes to Magallanes’ development with direct investment, integrating harmoniously with the territory and the inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego.


TEG Chile seeks to be an active agent in the construction of a new energy paradigm”.

José Margozzinni.

CEO TEG Chile.


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+56 61 227 0847

Office hours: 10:00 – 17:00

Address: Pedro Montt 1001, Punta Arenas