Our team

Our team

We are characterized by being a multidisciplinary team of professionals, many of whom are natives of the Magallanes region, who have a deep understanding of and sympathy towards the real issues and views of local people. Lovers of aromatic coffee and good conversations, our team is cohesive and responsive as well as proactive and self-critical. What interests us most is our commitment to the integral development of Magallanes, particularly the island of Tierra del Fuego. Do you want to talk? Our doors will always be open.


José Margozzini


A Civil Industrial Engineer, and graduate of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, who was born in Santiago de Chile. He has developed his career in corporate management and logistics, in which he has more than 30 years of experience in senior positions in heavy industry throughout Latin America, managing businesses in the sectors of mining, construction, energy, and equipment.

Allan Baus

Allan Baus

Project Director

Civil Industrial Engineer with a major in Mechanics from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. With 25 years of experience of 25 years in industries such as engineering and construction, mining, pulp production and ports, he has mainly worked in leadership and management positions in the areas of engineering, construction commissioning, operations, maintenance, and general management.


Víctor Fernández

Public Affairs Manager

A native of Magallanes, a Marine Biologist with diplomas in local economic development, decentralization, leadership, and team management, among others. He has had ties to both the private and the public sector, working in the Magallanes Regional Government and later as the Regional Secretary of the Ministry of Energy for the Magallanes and the Chilean Antarctic Region.

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Rodolfo Rivero

Environment and Permits Manager

A Marine Biologist, who studied at the University of Valparaíso, he has extensive experience with environmental issues. In 2000, he was appointed as Regional Director of the National Environment Commission for the Aysén Region, and in 2012, he became Head of the Environmental Impact Assessment and Citizen Participation Division in the Executive Directorate of the Environmental Assessment Service.

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Mauricio Silva

Contracts Manager

A Civil Engineer from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He has managed multiple projects across many sectors including insulator and seismic dissipator systems, pre-tensioned concrete structure assemblies, and the execution of post-tensioned and pumped concrete. He has participated in several certification processes and project technical inspections.


Karin Segovia

Environment and Permits Supervisor

A Marine Biologist from Universidad Austral de Chile. She has extensive experience in the public and private world. In the private sphere, she worked for over two years as an environmental coordinator in the aquaculture industry, while, in public service, her work as an aquaculture area auditor for nearly a decade stands out. 

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Francisco Morales

Environment Analyst and Permits

Environmental engineer with 16 years of experience leading multidisciplinary teams in environmental consulting. He has worked as a project manager and coordinator in the area of ​​environmental impact studies for companies such as WSP Chile and Poch Ambiental. He has specialization in biodiversity, geographic information systems, environmental evaluation of energy, health and real estate projects.

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Claudia Escobar

Environment Analyst and Permits

Chemical Civil Engineer from the Universidad de Magallanes. She has a Master’s degree in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy from the same university. She has led projects in which she has ensured operational continuity from the perspective of complying with the required environmental regulations and has guaranteed the quality of gas and oil, through the control and monitoring of the different parameters that influence the delivery of these products.


Claudio Lagos

Project Architect

Born in Magallanes, he studied Architecture at Universidad del Desarrollo with a minor in project innovation. He has worked in different specialized architecture offices in Santiago, implementing projects for public tenders, municipal buildings, as well as residential and retail projects.     


Sebastián Gutiérrez

Management control

Engineer from Diego Portales University. He worked as a Management Control Analyst at AFP Modelo, focusing on budget management, projects, strategic alignment and creation of management reports. Currently, he performs budget control, billing, contracts and reporting to the general management of TEG Chile.

Francisco Ros

Francisco Ros

Onsite Supervisor

A native of Magallanes, he studied Agricultural Engineering at the University of Magallanes. He has over 25 years of experience in the scientific and environmental world in private and public organizations. He also has experience working in isolated areas and in health and safety management. His knowledge of the extensive territory of Tierra del Fuego stands out, where he has spearheaded several projects of interest.

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Constanza Urbina

Health and Safety Officer

A native of Magallanes, she is an EHSQ engineer, with technical studies in occupational health and safety in the workplace and occupational diseases, obtaining both degrees at INACAP. Her work experience highlights include having been a teacher at the Santo Tomás Institute, and a health and safety expert at Clínica Magallanes.


Diego Fernández

Communications Officer

Is a Magallanes local, who studied journalism at Universidad Mayor. His career highlights include work as a journalist in national and regional media, as a journalistic and digital producer of international media, and he was also a journalist for public entities such as the Undersecretary of Housing and Urbanism and the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security.

Isabel Delgado

Isabel Delgado

Community Liaisons Officer in Porvenir

A cultural consultant, she was born and raised in Porvenir. Over the years, she has focused on promoting and spreading knowledge of the Selknam culture through the work of different local artists, which has also allowed her to learn more about regional history and heritage. She collaborates in the management of ArteYasic, where she disseminates the Selknam culture by creating masks and works in tribute to this culture.

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Araceli Barrientos

Community Liaisons Officer in Primavera

Chemical and Environmental Engineer from the Universidad de Magallanes. She has a diploma in hydrogen technologies from PUC. In addition, she is certified in the Environmental Assessment System and environmental regulations applicable in the SEIA. She has professional experience in quality and environmental control in the salmon industry, and in teaching in CFT of Magallanes on environmental care and renewable energies.


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