About us

About us

TEG Chile –whose parent company is the English company TEG, Transitional Energy Group–  is a national company that develops technologies and infrastructure to make the energy transition a reality, focusing on the production of fully sustainable energies that contribute to global decarbonization.

It is a company created in and for Magallanes, which is creating a distinctive development in the highly innovative Green Hydrogen industry.

Focusing on Tierra del Fuego, it seeks to be an active agent in building a new energy paradigm.

TEG Group

TEG UK is a private company that brings together expertise for the sectors of renewable energy, project financing, gas and renewable energy production facility construction and operation, and the global development of large industrial and capital-intensive projects. TEG was founded to become a force for change in the energy transition from fossil fuels, focusing on the efficient and sensitive development of energy projects that can play a pivotal role in global decarbonization.

TEG’s global project portfolio combines green hydrogen and green ammonium production projects in locations with the best solar and wind resources to produce renewable energy and critical logistical resources for competitive market access.


The core principles of TEG’s business model are:

  1. Choosing the best projects, with key competitive advantages (such as natural resources, proximity to markets, infrastructure, and logistics) that can be successfully implemented, in social, environmental, technical, and jurisdictional terms.
  2. Working very closely with the best suppliers to innovate and accelerate.
  3. Fostering investment and project implementation within a sound schedule that is linked to purchase requirements, value creation, and market setup.